I’ve tried and tried, multiple times, and then again, to upload pictures to this blog. But it hasn’t worked yet. Mostly because of the fact that I haven’t found a strong internet connection yet. Oh well, that’s okay. Right?

This week presented a few new and enjoyable activities. Apart from rock climbing and visiting a couple of the schools in Chiang Mai (a rather interesting and informative experience), I’ve also begun yoga classes!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I head over to a studio space by Chiang Mai University. After two sessions, I’ve decided that it’s going to be great. It’s a wonderful time to sit and melt into the space and noise of the heavy evening heat. I enjoy stretching my body and allowing my mind to unwind from the processes of the day. Inside out, outside in. While it’s definitely a challenge to do yoga when the instructor speaks a different language, I still come home carrying a body that seems to fit together with itself more peacefully. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a couple of new Thai friends.

Tomorrow will be our swimming “assessment” and off to a weekend of camping/retreating with the other ISDSI students. (And now, I will go pack).

Peace, Reb.