This past week has been saturated with good reads and early morning market visits.

School work, and a large portion of my thought-energy has been directed towards the understanding of what it means to integrate human rights and the environment. Hm. In that context, we have been developing our knowledge of river ecosystems and the impacts of dams – both in how they serve as a destructive force in the ecological health of streams, and how they have repeatedly displaced communities along rivers in many different countries (often forcibly and without adequate compensation).

Tomorrow morning I leave for our first expedition course. We will be visiting two different areas of Thailand. I will be staying in rural communities that have been impacted by the construction of a dam and learning how their lives have changed. I will also be paddling another river where there is a proposed site for a dam project.

I look forward to sharing with you all when I return. Until then, I’m going to set myself toward listening, watching, learning, and reflecting. I’m excited about being completely unplugged for three weeks.

Until then, I hope you all stay well.

Peace, Love, and Water Buffalo.